Marina of Agios Nikolaos, Crete


1. The lift out of the boat in the hard standing area presuppose the following:

a. Filling in the application form by the owner of the boat or from his representative.

b. The prepayment of the bill which concerns the lift out/launch in and hard-standing area fees

c. Existing boat insurance, during the whole stay in hard-standing area

d. Relative permission issued by Agios Nikolaos Port Police

e. Related to the matter approve/order of the company

f. The unreserved and without terms acceptance from the side of the boat owner, of the hard-standing area regulations, the regulations of Agios Nikolaos Marina and the General specific instructions of the company.

   Lifting /launching of the yachts is scheduled according to valid applications order and the company’s operational needs, when weather conditions permit.


2. Lift out/launch in the and hard/standing area fees are issued in the company’s official price list of the company and are based  on the real total length over all the yacht, including all fixed constructions

3. The elevating/lifting capacity of the company’s is 65 tons, minimum distance of straps is 2,80 meters, maximum distance of straps is 8.00 meters. The width of lifting pool is is 6.70 meters and the maximum depth is 3.5 meters. The yacht owner is informed about these features and declares that available equipment mentioned above satisfy the requirements for the secure approach and hauling of his yacht.

4. The obligations of the boat owner are:

a. To move his boat to the lifting pool, before the lift out and remove it after the launch in.

b. To ensure that safe remain of the boat at the lifting pool till the lift out and after launching.

c. Up to the moment of the lifting out, to maintain the yacht horizontal and ensure that it remains it the appropriate place.

d. The disconnection or taking away of the equipment of the boat which may raise difficulties or danger for the safe lift out, launch in, movement of the boat.

e. To indicate precisely the proper lifting points to the place the slings up and propping of the boat and to report written to the company, in advance any other information that concerns the technical product details, particularities, for the safe lift out, movement, propping, launch in of the boat.

f. Before the lift out, has to take care to protect all the projecting points of the boat, with his own responsibility for the safe lift out, movement, propping, launch in of the boat.

g. To indicate the proper points of the boat.

h. To inspect the propping of the boat and confirm the security of the propping.

5. The company arranges the position of the boat in the hard standing area. Also has the right to move the boat in another position as far as it is necessary.

6. Function of the engines and use of the sails of the boats are not permitted during their stay in the hard standing area.

7. The owner of the boat has got the responsibility for the safety of the electricity of his boat in the hard standing area, as fur as he uses it.

8. It is not allowed to empty the tank, the sink the cesspools and bilge, of the boat during the stay in the hard standing area.

9. The owner of the boat is responsible to keep clean and tidy the place of his boat in the hard standing area. Otherwise there will be a charge from the company of the amount of 100 euro in order to assume responsibility of the restoration of order and cleaning of this concrete place.

10. The owner of the boat has got the obligation to have the necessary license in order to do any works on the boat, according to general rules of Agios Nikolaos Port and any other relative provision to the Greek low.

11. During the works on the boat, the owner of the boat has to take all the necessary safety measures in order to secure the safety of the personnel, the installations and the safety of the other boats. In case of damage, this will be charged from the company, to the boat owner.

12. Before the progress of any work, the owner of the boat has to inform the company and also to assure the legality of the activation of each work team in the hard standing area.

13. Only cooperating with the company work teams can act in the hard standing area, which have to act according to the company’s rules, to adapt the regulations which concern the safety of the personnel and the installations and also to have the necessary license and the signal of the company.

14. No intervention of the boat owner is allowed on the base and the way of the propping of the boat without the permission of the company.

15. The disturbance of the common peace is not allowed in the hard standing area. The boat owner has to respect and allowed the work time table of the company.

16. The company has not the obligation to give ladders or scaffolds to the boat owners.

17. It is not allowed to place any other equipment or any other things under the boats or in any other point of the hard standing area, without the permission of the company.

18. The passing or parking of cars in the hard standing area is not allowed, unless there is permission from the company which is given only to professional vehicles and only for proper movements.

19.  The boat owner has to take all the necessary measures for the safety of his boat and his equipment..

20. The entrance and stay in the hard standing area of not authorized personnel is not allowed. The authorized personnel can enter and remain in the hard standing area only during the work timetable of the company.

21. The overnight on the boat owner or the staff is not allowed during the stay of the boat in the hard standing area.

22. Furthermore, in the hard standing area exist and operate the regulation of the Tourist Port of Agios Nikolaos as far as the General /Specific instructions that the company edit.




We would like to inform you that when the launching date that you specify on the “lifting – hauling – off shore” application form has expired we will allow an extension of 15 days, but only if this request is made in writing. If you have not launched by the date stated on your “lifting – hauling – off shore” application form, or before the end of the 15 day extension, then the mooring fees will be increased by 100% (ie. double) from the day after your specified launch date or the end of the 15 day extension.



We would like to kindly request that you refrain from any work/construction activities between:

from 01/05 until 30/09 14:30pm–17:30pm and 23:00pm–07:00am &

from 01/10 until 30/04 14:30pm–16:30pm and 22:00pm–08:00am

in the area of the Marina, as they are considered in Greece public hours of rest.

Furthermore, we would like to kindly urge you to use the appropriate professional equipment (broom, etc.) and the vessel is covered around as under it to prevent the release of dust into the environment.

For each of these tasks, yet we kindly ask you to clean the area around regularly, and follow the hard standing

area regulations otherwise we will be forced to inform the Port Authority and impose an administrative fine.

We thank you in advance,
Marina Management team