Oil Spill Awareness Course

The Agios Nikolaos Marina and the Municipal Limited Company of Agios Nikolaos had a safety exercise drill on July, 2018 during the Oil Spill Awareness Course. A course taken to ensure the environmental and physical safety of the Marina and its surroundings in case of emergency, and in particular in case of an oil spill and how to initially control and eliminate the problems caused by it.

The exercise results & report came in today, stating that the course was completed successfully with all parties agreeing about the importance of taking precaution measures to prevent such environmental emergencies and being ready & having the knowledge to control them in case they take place.

The Marina of Agios Nikolaos staff proved to be more than eager to learn and engage in the exercise and are now confident that in case of oil spill the impact will be reduced to a minimum because of their learned skills and knowledge of a similar situation.

The Exercise Course Report

Date & Time: 06/07/2018, 9:30 A.M.
Position: Marina of Agios Nikolaos
Accident Type: Fuel leak from an anchored vessel during refuel from a tanker truck
Leak type: Diesel Oil
Quantity: 0,8 m3 (cubic meters)
Wind Speed: ~ 5 beaufort
Wind Direction: North-West (from shore to sea)

You can download the report from this link (.pdf in Greek): Download Report

About the Environmental Protection Engineering S.A

The course was given by the Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. company, leaders in the industry.

EPE (Environmental Protection Engineering S.A.) counts over 40 years in the Marine & Industrial sector investing in research, development and implementation of new technologies. EPE has developed innovative machinery for water treatment & environmental response services. Motivated by the Maritime needs and dedicated to the environmental rules, EPE provides worldwide solutions for the Maritime sector.

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